I am so happy that the WWE is putting a lot of young talent on their SummerSlam card. World Wrestling Entertainment has a significant problem on their hands, a good portion of their top talent is either nearing retirement or they keep on getting injured. By matching up a lot of younger wrestlers with veterans, the WWE is not only exposing younger talent to a larger audience but they are setting them up for a possible major push. SummerSlam is advertised as the second biggest spectacle of the year and this year’s card should not only be entertaining but it could have a major effect on pro wrestling’s future.  

The best example of this is D-Generation X facing Legacy. DX is possibly the most famous faction in sports entertainment history and they are wrestling two young guys that are making their SummerSlam debut. Even though a Legacy win is unlikely, just a good match against DX could help push the two youngsters to superstardom. 

The match for the Intercontintal title match might be an example of  the old catch phrase, “out with the old and in with the new”. Dolph Ziggler is challenging Rey Mysterio for the IC title. In this bout I will be cheering for the underdog and it’s not because I like to cheer for the heel but I am hoping Ziggler gets a major push. Rey Mysterio’s knee problems are well documented and Ziggler might be the guy to replace the high flying wrestler from Mexico. Ziggler has no where near the following that Rey has but his high impact and high flying wrestling style will captivate fans. A Ziggler win would give the young superstar a strap around his waist and bragging rights that he defeated a former World Champion.

Another young versus old matchup, is Cryme Tyme facing Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Just like Legacy, Shad and JTG don’t even need to pull off a win to get over. They need to put on a solid match with the tag team champs and put on a good show in front of the Los Angeles fans.

Even the CM Punk, Jeff Hardy World Title match is pitting a veteran with a star who is relatively new with the company. Hardy might be the most popular star in the WWE and Punk could benefit from a major win.  Even though Punk is a multiple World Champion, many fans still question if he has what it takes to be among the WWE elite. A Punk win against Hardy (Hardy is rumored to leave the company soon) makes sense. A World Title victory in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match might be what the straight edge superstar needs legitimize himself.

The newly added Jack Swagger and MVP bout is not a veteran vs. rookie matchup but the two superstars are being given the oppurtunity to show off their ability.

There have been reports that Vince McMahon is not happy with the current product that his company is producing. The major reason why the boss is upset is because his elite talent pool is disappearing.  Many of the WWE’s top stars are either nearing retirement or they are constantly getting hurt. I am just relieved that the WWE has finally realized that they need to push mid carders that have big time talent .

Along with the reports that Mr. McMahon is upset, there has also been rumors that the WWE main office wants to make SummerSlam a Wrestlemania caliber pay per view. So look for the matches to be well worked and lengthy. I would also be prepared for some major upsets.

I think the story of  SummerSlam ’09 will be the emergence of several new talents elevating their careers to a higher level.

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